Re-used cobblestones in the following varieties


exceptionally hard, dense, and presure and wear-resistant.
Colour: mainly grey/blue/green with a small minority of red/brown.

Most common sizes (in cm) lxwxh
14/14/14 15/15/15 17/17/17
18/13/13 20/14/14


Transition between igneous and sedimentary rock, sometimes with a high silicon content, usually flat surface.

Colour: mainly grey/beige

Most common sizes (in cm) lxwxh
15/15/15 15/10/15 20/14/14
Also available as flats, i.e. with a very flat upper surface.


Igneous rock. It is completely crystallised in one or several hardening phases. It consists of 50% quartz, 30% felspar (which occurs as white, pink or red crystals in the stone) and 20% of mica (which occurs in the form of black rods with a metallic sheen.

Most common sizes (in cm) lxwxh
18/13/13 20/14/14

New cobblestones in the following varieties

Sandstone mainly originating in India

Very flat surface.
Sizes: 14/14/8 14/14/4
Colour: grey/beige or mixed colours yellow/brown/grey/red


Sizes: 20/15/15 Colour: grey


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